Can we give you a tour?

We would like to welcome you.

Welcome! As the Pentecostal Church The Door Den Bosch, we are active in making people acquainted with the original gospel proclaimed by Jesus Christ and the apostles. We do this by organising different weekly activities.
We love welcoming new people to our church and want to give you all of the information that you need to feel at home with us. It is our desire to bring people into contact with God and help them with their purpose in God’s Kingdom. Are you looking for a living, enthusiastic church that is open to all people from all different cultural backgrounds? Our church has been serving Den Bosch for more than 25 years. Come visit! Would you like to meet us beforehand? Just send us a message or call us. We would love to welcome you.

- Pastor Eric & Kathy Naus

Voorganger pastor Eric Naus met zijn vrouw Kathy

What does a church service look like?

In our modern church services you can experience what God can do for you.

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Visit One80! Here, we organise live music concerts and christian movie nights.

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What we believe

Interested in our vision? We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ still changes lives all over the world.

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