Special services

As well as our regular services, we also organise special ‘revival services’ a couple of times a year. We invite a preacher from another country or another city to serve the church.

What are special services?

We organise special services a couple of times a year. These are extra services that happen as well as our regular services. We invite a preacher or evangelist from another country or city to preach to our church for the special services. The Pentecostal Church The Door has contact with other churches, predecessors and evangelists because we believe in helping and supporting one another in the work of God. We believe that God does special things in special services, such as spiritual growth and breakthrough for every individual but also for us as a church as a whole.

"We believe that God does special things in special services, such as spiritual growth and breakthrough"

From our contacts with many other churches, Pastors, and Evangelists, the desire arises to help each other in building churches and doing the work of God. During a series of special services, we invite a Pastor or Evangelist from our fellowship to minister to our congregation. We believe that through these series God can move in a powerful way, for each individual, but also for the church as a whole. Special services are held once in the few months and are an addition to our existing church services. These special services start during weekly days on 7.30 pm.

Check our calendar to find out when we organise the next series of special services!

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Speciale diensten met Evangelist Ben Dekker bij Evangelie Gemeente De Deur
Special services with Evangelist Ben Dekker
Pastor Ernie Toppin bedient tot de gemeente van Evangelie Gemeente De Deur
Pastor Ernie Toppin ministers to the congregation